The Delivery Guy

Sometimes, Daphne Rosen is so horny that she could fuck every guy who is passing by on the street. For example, today when she ordered some pizza, she was so attracted to the delivery guy that she invited him inside, with the reason that she has to look after the money. He was super attracted to her, cause she is so sizzling hot, so he started to hit on her, make some moves and flirt with her and even kiss her when she wasn’t looking at him. She suddenly felt so horny that she said, what the heck, what’s wrong with fucking the delivery guy? She climbed her office desk and offered him some access to her pussy, and he started to lick it and stuff his entire tongue deep inside there, to munch it and kiss it, until she got so wet that she couldn’t believe her eyes.

He was so good to mouth fuck her that she didn’t even need to be stuffed by his cock but this thing happened, cause he had such an awesome boner that it would have been a huge pity to be wasted. Have a great time with these two and enjoy seeing Daphne up on her desk, with her pussy totally eaten and hammered, just the way she wanted to be! Don’t forget to subscribe to our posts and come back tomorrow for an additional update! I promise you that is totally worthy, so have a great one! Also you can visit website and watch another beauty getting her tight holes stuffed! See you soon, friends!


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