Daphne Rosen Video – Office Slut from Reality Kings

There is a new Daphne Rosen video update for you guys, so get ready to be mind blown in just a short while! You will get to see how Daphne will get so horny at the office, that she will have to do something about that trembling that she has between her knees. So when one of her colleagues entered into her office and approached her, she started to flirt with him and impress him with her looks. Of course that he was already super attracted to her since forever, so it was the best time to make a move. They started to make out right there, into the office, to remove their clothes and expose themselves like that, without even thinking about the fact that they might get caught! You got to see how she spread her legs wide open, offering him her entire pussy to be eaten!

She adores it when he is stuffing his tongue over there, between her legs, rubbing her erect clit that was so hard and pointy. She adores it when he is eating her, she is getting more and more wet, so you definitely have to see what is going to happen next between these two, now that they got so super excited! Have a seat, relax, and enjoy the next moments with Daphne and her latest office sex experience, that will blow your mind so fast and will make you so damn horny and eager to fuck! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the evil angel site and see other sexy ladies getting fucked!

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Daphne Rosen – Fucked Hard

Daphne Rosen is horny once again, not that this is a huge surprise for you, cause you already know that she likes to fuck all the time, just like naughty Bobbi Eden, another gorgeous internet model. Now that she has a new neighbor on the same floor, she make an excuse to invite him over, to get to know each other better. Of course that this guy is a good looking one, and she supposed he has a super huge cock, so she dressed really nice, to make a great impression over him. He was in the mood to fuck as well, so he didn’t refused her special offer, cause anyway he wanted to fuck, cause this week it was kind of slow for him at this chapter. You got to see how she thrown all of her clothes, right away, as soon as he entered the door, making a super nice impression over him, with her great looks.

The thing he liked the most were her super huge and rounded boobies, that he got to play and cuddle with and even to press and squeeze while they were fucking, cause he chose a super nice position, behind her back, just to make sure that he will have a full access to her large tits. Have a great time today with the newest update and I promise you that you will have a great time with Daphne and her new fuck buddy. I bet that this won’t be their last time they will fuck together, so enjoy!


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The Delivery Guy

Sometimes, Daphne Rosen is so horny that she could fuck every guy who is passing by on the street. For example, today when she ordered some pizza, she was so attracted to the delivery guy that she invited him inside, with the reason that she has to look after the money. He was super attracted to her, cause she is so sizzling hot, so he started to hit on her, make some moves and flirt with her and even kiss her when she wasn’t looking at him. She suddenly felt so horny that she said, what the heck, what’s wrong with fucking the delivery guy? She climbed her office desk and offered him some access to her pussy, and he started to lick it and stuff his entire tongue deep inside there, to munch it and kiss it, until she got so wet that she couldn’t believe her eyes.

He was so good to mouth fuck her that she didn’t even need to be stuffed by his cock but this thing happened, cause he had such an awesome boner that it would have been a huge pity to be wasted. Have a great time with these two and enjoy seeing Daphne up on her desk, with her pussy totally eaten and hammered, just the way she wanted to be! Don’t forget to subscribe to our posts and come back tomorrow for an additional update! I promise you that is totally worthy, so have a great one! Also you can visit http://milfmia.org/ website and watch another beauty getting her tight holes stuffed! See you soon, friends!


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Daphne Rosen – Rough Ride

Daphne Rosen loves sex more than anything, and of course that this is no news for you! Like the chicks from mexicanlust galleries, she adores to have her pussy banged all the time, so she will accept this guy’s proposal to hammer her big time. He wanted to fuck her since he first saw her, cause he was simply amazed by her immense boobies. She invited him over to her place, to get to know each other better and it seems like they did, and in such an incredible way. She started to make out with him on the couch, to remove her clothes and to grab his cock out of his pants.

In fact, she started to jerk it off with so much eagerness that he could cum right away, right that moment. She got him down on the floor and she started to ride him, offering her pussy to be fully stuffed by him! She just loves the way he enters with that enormous tool deep into her pussy. It’s making her cum on and on, she was never been fucked like this in a very very long time. Have a great time, guys, watching Daphne and her new fuck buddy having the best time ever with each other. You will love them!riding-cock

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Sloppy Blowjob

Daphne Rosen favorite toy is a nice and huge cock, as you all imagined. She loves getting creamy facials so she will adore this nice huge boner of her friends, that is hitting her face in such an awesome way, just like in this blowjob video collection! This guy adores Daphne for her unique way of sucking cocks, so every single time he wants to have a nice blow job session, he is calling her. Right now, as he noticed her down on her knees, he wanted to grab his huge hard cock and put it on her face, it was the best desire for him, so he couldn’t wait for her to start working on his cock.

She started to lick it and suck it, and finally shove it entirely into her eager mouth. She just loves the way that huge cock feels into her mouth, she is loving this sensation. While she was performing a nice deep throat, she stuffed the cock so deep into her mouth, that her eyes were in tears, pretty much. Of course that he was so turned on that he spread his entire huge cum load over her face and into her mouth, just the way she wanted so much. Enjoy!


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Daphne Rosen – Horny Housewife from Naughty America

It’s a brand new day, so it’s about time for a new Daphne Rosen blow job session, to cheer us up and make us have a great day! As you all know, she adores having a cock into her mouth just as much as possible, so when a guy is making her a proposal like this, she is not thinking about refusing the offer, cause she likes it anyway. I never seen a babe who loves cocks more than Daphne, so as you guessed, she is pretty good at it, with so much experience that she gained until now!

Have a great time with this specific update, guys, and see how she will work on this amazing boner, how she likes to stuff that immense tool into her mouth and lick it. She also likes to lick the balls, as well and even the perineum, so of course that the guy will go simply insane. She will end up having a massive cumshot spread all over her face. She adores to have jizz loads all over cause she loves the taste of spunk! Have a great time, guys and don’t miss the tomorrow’s update cause we have some extra surprises for you!


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Diary of a Milf

Daphne Rosen is the most amazing MILF ever, she is never sick of getting fucked! It’s like she has cocks in her mind all the time, this is the only thing she could think of, sometimes. Now while she visited her friend, cause she was away from home and her husband invited her inside, she thought that anyway her friend won’t find out if she will fuck with this guy, so she started to flirt with him and of course that he accepted right away cause who wouldn’t like to fuck with such a special cougar like Daphne. This gorgeous hand job princess offered him an amazing hand job, oh my, what a great cock he has, her friend is such a fortunate babe to have such a hunk next to her all the time.

She would like to have such a gifted guy next to her all the time. After she got that colossal tool down her throat, she started to prepare herself, by rubbing her erect clit with her fingers and by starting to shove her fingers into her pussy, just to make sure that she will be more roomy for that enormous cock to slide in more easy. After she considered that she is wet enough to receive the cock, she invited him to come next to her and stuff that huge hard cock into her eager pussy. Oh, it was so damn good, she adores having such a huge wang inside her, it makes her be so fired up! Enjoy!daphne-big-cock



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Daphne Rosen – Seduced by a cougar from Naughty America

daphne-rosen-bowjobDaphne Rosen loves to get cocks in each and every single hole of hers, so now that she has this new boyfriend, she couldn’t wait to impress him with her tricks in the blow job area. She is such a pro that he couldn’t wish for something more, who wouldn’t like to have such a girlfriend like her, to adore offering blow jobs for breakfast, lunch and dinner? She adores to take this huge hard cock into her mouth, she simply loves having her mouth full, she will never love something more than a nice hard cock.

So I guess that this will be a long lasting relationship, since both of them got so excited and they are so good in bed, both of them. I promise you that you won’t regret watching this stunning update , cause you will get to see exactly how she likes to get his rounded balls into her mouth and suck them in a gentle way. Of course that she will also take care of the cock as well, going with her tongue from the bottom of it, until the top, sucking it and insisting especially with the top of it, cause she adores making the best out of her mouth! If you liked this beauty join the big naturals blog and see another cock hungry babe sucking big dicks!

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Naughty Office

Daphne Rosen never misses a chance to get fucked, so you are in the exactly right place to be, if you needed to see a super nice hammering session! She was at the office right now, when one of her colleagues entered the place and began hitting on her. She was of course positive about all these, cause she is a slut that will fuck every single day, with all the guys around. You will simply love the way she will make out with this guy, right there, into the office, offering him a full access to her tight pussy that was trembling the entire day and it was craving for a good fucking session! She is just a naughty whore, she didn’t even thought about the fact that they could get caught by her boss who has the office next door. naughty-officeShe was so horny and needy that she didn’t even had the time to lock the door, she just climbed the desk, spread her legs wide open and started to get this immense cock inside her. And the guy, oh, he was super horny as well, so he couldn’t wait to offer her this amazing hammering that she was craving and dreaming off, the whole day. She couldn’t even think about the work, all she could think of was cock and fucking sessions! Enjoy Daphne and her new sex partner and see what else are they going to do together, now that they are so tight! If you liked this scene click here and have fun watching another naughty chick getting hammered!

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Daphne Rosen Porn from Naughty America

The latest Daphne Rosen porn update is ready to be exposed to you so I really hope that you are ready to watch it. She will invite her ex roommate over for a coffee, and you know exactly what she means with coffee. This busty lady wanted to fuck and since he was around and he is a good lay, why not? She asked him to come over but she was wearing absolutely nothing on her, but her super amazing body! You should see how shocked he was, at first, when he noticed her wearing nothing but that blue top that was anyway removed, so she could expose her super huge and rounded boobs more. He adores to play with those boobies so he will take this chance and benefit from the chance, and he started to rub them and press them with his palms. daphne-rosen-porn-fucked

daphne-rosen-porn-fucked-hardYou will adore the way she will jump over him and start to ride him on and on, pushing his giant tool deep into her tight pussy. No need to say that they banged on and on for hours, and you will have to remove all your other things planned for today, cause this might take a while and you will have Daphne in your mind for hours, so horny and wet and so deeply fucked! She would like to have a second fucking session, cause she will never get rid of being deeply stuffed! Enjoy and see you tomorrow with an additional update. Thanks for following us!

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